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Audition for Actress required for Feature Film

We are looking for a PERSIAN actress for this Danish film. She only speaks FARSI and it would be great (but not necessary) if she could sing!

Leila (Female, 50 - 60)
Description:FARSI SPEAKING! Persian playing age 50-65.
Leila is Sarah's mother (see synopsis).

We are looking for a woman who can play an Iranian diva :-)

The Leila character was a famous Iranian singer, but during the revolution she had to flee the country with her young daughter Sarah. Her husband did not mange to get out of the country in time. He died in prison in Theran. Leila never got over her late husband. She lives in Denmark but very much stays in the Persian community, where she still performs at smaller local events. She had a lot of money when she arrived in Denmark, but by now she and her daughter are living off the last bit of her savings and the money she makes singing.

It is therefore very important to her that Sarah finishes her law school studies. Leila is very relieved when Sarah first meets Esmail, because deep down she hopes that Sarah will marry a good Persian man.

The Leila character only speaks in Persian in the film, so the actress does not need to speak Danish.

If she can sing it is a good thing, but not a necessity.

Appearance:Middle Eastern
Pay category:Above Equity Minimum
Agreements:£450 PER SHOOT DAY X 5/6 DAYS
Location: Denmark
Per Diems + Travel


Esmail, an iranian refugee who is about to be deported from Denmark. He seeks to find a Danish woman to marry as a last resort to stay in the country. Much to his surprise he falls in love with Sarah, a young iranian woman, and suddenly finds himself part of the persian environment in Denmark.

As Esmail's feelings grows for Sarah a mysterious Danish man comes looking for him. We find out that Esmail has had an affair with his wife, and he is now out for revenge.

Production location: Denmark
Shoot dates: 26th September to 28th October

Casting Friday 16th and Monday 19th September

Sorry, this audition opportunity has expired

Age Range
50 to 60


Middle Eastern

Payment Type


Audition created Thursday 15 September 2016
Audition expired 18 September 2017

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