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Audition for Lead roles in feature film - no experience necessary

Casting a feature film set in a British prison - no previous experience required - well paid

Casting a feature film set in a British prison and looking for non-actors for two lead roles.

Applicants should have experience of the prison system.
No previous acting experience necessary.

The role will be well paid.

TAYLOR - Male, 30s
Working class, Caucasian, from London. Tough, Troubled, but likeable - has a sense of humour and a good heart.
DEE - Male, early 20s
A “Roadman”. Working class, non-white, from London. Confident, entertaining, charismatic, but has a terrifying streak.

Sorry, this audition opportunity has expired

Age Range
21 to 39



Payment Type

Not specified

Audition created Monday 05 November 2018
Audition expired 16 November 2018

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