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Audition for Online campaign - good fee

Looking for a male in mid-forties for an online health kick campaign

Male aged 38 to 48 

Looking for a participant willing to video diary and document their journey to lose weight and lower their blood pressure.

Production dates: Project would commence in mid June and would be spread over 12 weeks. They would need to send video vlogs (10-15 mins) of their weight-loss journey every 2 weeks.

Looking for a man in his mid forties who must be overweight and have mid-high blood pressure. Married with a family. May have a concerned wife and family who wants them to go to GP for health MOT and improve their lifestyle. Maybe they have a history of high blood pressure in their family and want to make changes to their life before it becomes a high risk for them.
They are required to make a total of 6 short videos/diaries. One entry every 2 weeks showing their progress and ‘health kick’ activities. The candidate will receive free health advice and support from health professionals throughout this process.
Fees: All in fee of £1200.00. Will only be used on clients social media channels. Not aired anywhere else.

Casting Process: We are sending suggestions to the client who will them arrange to meet applicants or have a video Skype interview with them.

Sorry, this audition opportunity has expired

Age Range
38 to 48


Not Stated

Payment Type


Audition created Tuesday 21 May 2019
Audition expired 31 May 2019

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