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Audition for Male and Female actors wanted for new video game

Casting various roles in an upcoming video game

Casting various roles for upcoming noir murder mystery video game:
Following on from a critically acclaimed and Guinness World Record Breaking video game this game allows players to question suspects in multiple guises to solve a murder. Responses are delivered directly to camera in full screen video, to make players feel like they’re conversing.
Shooting will take place in England near Wisbech, King’s Lynn and Milton Keynes at various times during May and June (TBD) and scripts will be released at the end of April. Most roles will also be required to perform voiceovers - some of which may be recorded at home if facilities exist.
Actors around shoot locations preferred (please show yourselves!) but enthusiasm for the project and ability are more important. £10 per hour (not including travel time) or £80 per 8 hour day is offered for all roles and up to £40 expenses per day (travel, costume), please indicate if you are NOT self employed. Refreshments will be available and there are kitchen, toilet and parking facilities at all shooting locations.

MAIN ROLES (requiring at least one day of shooting, 100-300 lines, no nudity)

King’s Lynn mainly:

- BRONWYN CASTLE (lead tarot reader, pleasant and perceptive, Female, aged 25-35)
The leader of a group of three Tarot readers, pleasant and perceptive. She’s also following her calling, so focused and hard working when required.
- RAYNE (tarot reader, knowledgeable and anxious overthinker, Male, aged 24-30)
Rayne is a knowledgeable and anxious overthinker, who is also the last recruit in the group of three tarot readers. His pragmatism and intellect can sometimes be mistaken for disinterest and lacking empathy.
- LEXIE TAYLOR (tarot reader, cheerful student of the occult, Female, aged 18-24)
Lexie is the youngest of the group of three tarot readers, and a cheerful student of the occult. She enjoys her job and is enthusiastic about her work, and has a youthful naivety that disarms people, whether true or not.
Milton Keynes mainly:

- ZAK WESTON (local photographer, equally charming and lecherous, Male, aged 25-40)
Zak is August’s local photographer, equally charming and lecherous. Once an idealistic artist, his outlook changed working for the local newspaper, and now he prefers shooting boudoir scenes to anything else.
Wisbech mainly:

- CHIEF CLAUDE DUPONT (police chief, a reluctant leader, Male, aged 35-50)
Our atypical police chief is a reluctant leader, who has quickly recruited the player for extra help in the ongoing murder case. His matter-of-fact tone softens with towns-folk he knows. 
- OSCAR (first victim’s boyfriend, stoic, holds grudges, Male, aged 18-25)
The boyfriend of the first victim, Oscar holds a lot of keys to solving his girlfriend’s murder, but his outlook is stoic. Whilst not a suspect, Oscar tries to manipulate his way into the tarot readers to uncover the truth about his dead girlfriend.
- JOHN POPE (local radio host, solemn, well spoken and creepy antiques collector, Male, aged 25-35)
One half of the radio duo, “Poe and Munro”, John is a solemn, well spoken and sometimes creepy antiques collector. His radio homage to Edgar Allen Poe has rubbed of on him somewhat.
- ELLIS MUNRO (local radio host, charismatic dream interpreter with lilting accent, Female, aged 20-30)
One half of the radio duo, “Poe and Munro”, Ellis is a charismatic dream interpreter who has many fans but few friends, and her eagerness to please has resulted in both male and female romantic relationships. For plot reasons Ellis is redheaded.
- DOROTA SHAW (first victim, cellist and redhead, Female, aged 18-22)
Dorota is our first victim and is required for a newspaper shot holding a cello, a boudoir shot, and a crime scene picture. Role may also be extended to include flashback video footage and dialog depending on applicant.  

Sorry, this audition opportunity has expired

Age Range
18 to 50


Not Stated

Payment Type

East Midlands

Audition created Tuesday 10 April 2018
Audition expired 30 April 2018

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