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Audition for Audition for new BBC One Game Show

New BBC One Game Show with a BIG cash prize!

Want to win a big cash prize? Are you a confident, tactical player with strong powers of deduction? Can you maintain your poker face while under pressure? Then we want to hear from you.
The premise for the game is simple: five players begin the game with a case containing a secret cash amount.
Contestants must answer questions to earn opportunities to visit a sound-proof vault and gather intel about the contents of their opponent’s cases. Using this information and the power of deduction they must try to work out what they have in their own case and which case might hold the jackpot.
In a fast-paced endgame, players challenge each other for their cases via tense head-to-head question battles. However, only the player who gets over the finish line first will get the chance to open the case they’re holding and take home the prize it contains.

Sorry, this audition opportunity has expired

Age Range
18 to not stated



Payment Type
Win Prizes!


Audition created Tuesday 17 April 2018
Audition expired 20 April 2018

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