How to keep our emails to you out of spam

Did you know it's estimated that more than 90% of all email traffic is actually spam and/or infested with a virus?! It's a BIG problem that affects all of us because it means genuine mail often fails to arrive, images aren't displayed or links are disabled.

By adding us to the 'safe senders' list or your address book you can help overcome a lot of these problems. The various email services and programs handle this in different ways - some of them let you add a 'domain' to a safe senders list, whilst others require you to add individual email addresses to your address book. We use several email addresses to communicate with members for subscription related issues and our newsletters so if you're using one of the email services that doesn't offer a safe senders list we'd strongly recommend you add the following addresses:

If you're using a mail service that has a safe senders list you should find you can just add the domains and as 'trusted' senders!