RSS Feeds

What does RSS stand for?
There are at least two interpretations for the acronym RSS some say it stands for Rich Site Summary whilst others claim it stands for Really Simple Syndication.

What is an RSS Feed?
RSS feeds are a really simple way of letting you get the latest news as soon as it's published online. They allow you to get new listings, stories and headlines instantly and without having to visit the web site(s) concerned to check for updates.

Using an RSS feed also makes it a lot easier for you to view headlines from a variety of web sites in one place. We provide a 'global' RSS feed at the bottom of the main auditions page that will give you a feed of ALL the latest auditions, in every category. We also provide an RSS feed at the bottom of each category page that will provide the latest listings of that particular category only.

We provide three different RSS feed options: the standard 'orange' RSS icon and options to 'Add to Google' and to 'Add to Yahoo'.

If you use one of the latest web browsers (e.g. IE7, Firefox2, Safari for OSX10.4) you can get the RSS feeds converted into bookmarks so you wouldn't have to download additional software.

If you can't get the RSS feeds directly to your web browser then you'd have to download a 'News Reader' which is a small piece of software you install on your computer and provides a 'News Screen' on your desktop.

Once you have your News Reader of choice, it's a simple matter to add the RSS feed. The procedure will vary from one News Reader to another, but often it's just a case of either dragging the orange RSS button onto your News Reader or simply clicking the RSS icon itself. Please note that we are neither endorsing nor recommending any of the above but are including the links purely for information purposes.