How to tell which browser you're using

When people are having technical problems it can sometimes be related to the browser they're using and we often get asked "How can I tell which browser I'm using?"!  Here's how .....

You can usually tell which browser you're using by looking at the very top of the browser window where it should say something like "Internet Explorer" or "Firefox". 

To check which version you're using you'll need to look at the help options available with the browser. With IE7 and IE8 you click on the blue question mark, and then click on "About Internet Explorer" - this will then display the version you're using.  (If the blue question mark is missing click on the two arrows to the top right >> - this will reveal the question mark.

It's very similar In Firefox - just click on the word "Help" and then "About Mozilla Firefox".

If you're using a Mac you're probably using Safari as your browser - same thing, just click on "Help" and then "About Safari"