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Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Grey
Physique: Slim
Height: 5ft 11in / 180cm
Location: West Midlands

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Actable age range
My Age +/- 10 years

acted in murder mystery events for 15 yrs;done pantomime as villain/dame for several yrs,currently rehearsing latest play(comedy)for Phoenix Drama group (amateur)at Earlsdon,Coventry.In murder mysteries play various characters from loud/brash/arrogant to introverted all on ad lib basis(ie no set script) interacting with audience personally as all stories set around a 3 course meal at the venue where actors eat with guests(audience) whilst unfolding the dastardly deal over course of evening reacting to clues the "inspector" (which I have also often played)posts.I have specialised over the years in playing the conniving ,slimy villain,gay characters and being able to come up with witty,and often rude one liners.I quite often "host" the event in the context of the story we are telling,as I can command the audience,having spent 25 yrs as a teacher( prior to retiring from it in 1997)and in my current job as a salesman selling direct to the public.I have been a contestant on 3 tv quiz shows in the past and as a teacher produced/directed many plays involving the children and have also directed for the drama group.

Personal Profile
As a slim person I have always been able to wear any average sort of costume - suits generally look good on me.I have a good head of hair ( though grey now!) and most people say I do not look my age.I wear glasses,but do not need to for acting work;I have good stagecraft ,am confident facing audiences,being generally of a relaxed persona,not overly nervous and can think on my feet readily.I have a very good general knowledge,very interested in current affairs,love film and tv,am quite widely read and have always been interested in art,history and pop music.I like visiting National Trust properties,love country walks and dogs ! I am separated (not divorced) have two fine sons and 3 grandchildren

No specific skills like music,dance sadly but I am good as a presenter;from early training in sales could present a sound 20min + talk on practically any subject without notes

TV & Movies, Theatre, Game shows, Audience, Misc

Specific Skills
Not stated

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