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PrimaryImage Gender Male

Ethnicity Other
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Physique Average
Height 5ft 11in / 180cm
Location London
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My Age +/- 6 years
Experience 2007 - Bugsy Malone Production at Secondary School "South Camden Community School" and I played "Angelo" who was apart of "Fat Sam's Gang". I was also the understudy of "Bugsy Malone" and had to sing a few songs when I was involved in this play, such as "He's A Sinner", "Bad Guys" and also had to start off the song "You Give A Little Love" before the rest of the cast started singing in unison.

2010 - During my time in college within the end of my first year I did some voice overs for Media students because my teacher felt that I could use my low resonance voice for some of the students project's.

Easter 2015 - Duologue scene found in a Acting Anthology and this one's called The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket, performed at Wac ARTS College. On the day of when the students were going to perform what they've been working on throughout the term to the general public we ran rehearsal sessions 6 hours prior to when the show will commence. I was the tutor assisting the teacher to run rehearsals of all the different pieces that were planned to be performed on that day, one student called Romario has been learning his lines non stop and was really up for showing what he got but later on in that day we found out that his partner wasn't going to be able to attend because of a serious matter, I felt very bad so I left the room and there was an hour before the show was going to begin so I used that time to learn the lines as soon as possible. I portrayed the main character called Daniel Rocket, and Romario played his best friend Richard.
Personal Profile Young male in his early 20’s, residing in the London Borough of Camden and a recent graduate of the University of Hertfordshire, having achieved a BSc (Hons) Degree in Sound Design Technology, I have always been passionate about music, but have also been very interested in Drama (Film/TV & Theatre). I have experience in both the fields of Music and Drama, and am currently actively seeking to further my experience and develop myself within these fields.
Skills Not stated
Interests TV & Movies, Theatre, Musician, Reality TV
Specific Skills Not stated

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