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Audition for Open Auditions for Marvel 4D Film

Open auditions to appear in new global Marvel 4D Film

Open auditions are being held around the world for a new global Marvel 4D Film Experience with a premier in 2020.

Auditions are being held in Singapore, Hollywood, Las Vegas, New York, Amsterdam and LONDON.

London auditions are on Saturday 13th July 2019

This is an incredible opportunity for one lucky, true believer to show off their cinematic talent and appear alongside the greatest Marvel comic book heroes of all time ... Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, hor, Captain America, The Hulk ... and more!

"We're looking for someone who's passionate, enthusiastic and will delivery lines with the dynamic flair that's the hallmark of all great Marvel stars!"

Sorry, this audition opportunity has expired

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Audition created Wednesday 12 June 2019
Audition expired 13 July 2019

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