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Audition for Brand new TV show

Do you have a secret that you want to tell?!

This is a brand new show that wants to hear from anyone keeping a big secret or suspects someone of lying to them.

Feel someone close to you is lying?
Suspect someone you love is hiding a secret?
Want the help of mediators to uncover the truth?

Secrets can put pressure on the relationships that you value most - with the help of mediators, this could be a chance to start again. This show helps someone who has told a lie that has spiralled out of control to come clean in a bid to turn things round and rectify the situation. 

You must be aged 18+

All conversations with producers are held in strict confidentiality

Sorry, this audition opportunity has expired

Age Range
18 to not stated



Payment Type
Not stated


Audition created Sunday 23 June 2019
Audition expired 12 July 2019

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