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Audition for Star Wars Open Auditions

Male and female open auditions for Star Wars at Disneyland ® Paris

Open auditons are being held in London for males and females to portray characters of the famous Star Wars saga.  Looking for enthusiastic and highly energetic people. Must be able to reproduce an imperial march with a cadenced approach. Previous experience in animation and/or comedy would be a plus.

Male Open Audition
Male candidates must measure between 178 cm (5’10’’) and 183 cm (6’0’’), come anyway and have a go. You will be measured during the audition.

Female Open Audition
Come and joined the Resistance to save the galaxy! We are looking for athletic and highly energetic young women, to perform the role of an iconic Star Wars heroine. Previous experience in animation and/or comedy would be a plus. Candidates must measure between 1m68 (5’6’’) and 1m73 (5’8’’) and speak French or English. If you are not sure if your height corresponds exactly to our need, apply anyway. You will be measured during the audition.

TEMPORARY (Seasonal) contracts from Mid-November 2019 to end of March 2020
Housing possibilities. Candidates must speak English or French. 
This position includes night work, and is thus open to candidates who are of legal age in France, that is 18 years old, pursuant to French law applicable to the protection of young workers. 

Sorry, this audition opportunity has expired

Age Range
18 to not stated



Payment Type


Audition created Friday 23 August 2019
Audition expired 13 September 2019

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