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Audition for Casting TV commercial for well known butter brand

Casting a TV commercial for this well known butter brand - good fee

Looking for:
Women with considerable cooking skills age 26-36 or women with genuine experience in a commercial kitchen who box or practice martial arts on a regular basis.
Dates: Travel 20th feb, Prep 21st feb, Shoot 22nd & 23rd Feb, Travel 24th Feb
Fee: Shoot Fee £300 & £200 for prep / travel days
Shoots in Kiev so you must have a valid passport
Buyout: £6000 if featured in final commercial (for air in Denmark)
There may also be additional buyout fees if shown in further countries.

Sorry, this audition opportunity has expired

Age Range
26 to 36



Payment Type


Audition created Friday 02 February 2018
Audition expired 10 February 2018

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