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Audition for New BBC drama set and filmed in Wales

Casting a new TV series set in Wales and filming in Wales

Casting Welsh people for new BBC Drama set and filmed in Wales. 

No previous TV experience needed.

Roles available:
ROYSTON (Male, age 40-75 years)
Caribbean heritage and DNA - born in Wales and never left since he was born there, but very much in touch with his caribbean roots. Must be able to do a WELSH AND CARIBBEAN ACCENT. Must be fun loving and confident.
STIP (Male, age 40-75 years)
Born and lives in Wales.  He has been a wheelchair user for a long time but doesn't let this get in the way of his lively and witty character.  He has a real sparkle in his eye, funny and sarcastic.
CHLOE (Young Girl, age 12-14 years, can be 15 if looks very young)
She is from North Wales, born here and lived here all her life.  A bit rebellious and a real handful, loves her mum and stepdad but can be very mischievous.

All applicants must be available during the whole period: 9th September - 19th October (6 weeks)

Sorry, this audition opportunity has expired

Age Range
12 to 75+


African American/Black
Not Stated

Payment Type


Audition created Monday 06 August 2018
Audition expired 17 August 2018

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