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Audition for Feature Film - casting various roles

Casting male and female actors aged 17 to 35 for feature film - various ethniticies

Roles being cast are:

MARCO - Male, playing age 17yrs, Black, hard but real god looking, a bit of a ladies man. Comes from a single parent home, and looks up to his older brother.
HAKEEM - Male playing age 17yrs, Black (Nigerian origin), class clown, round/chubby body type. He has a twinkle to him and very much a likeable guy.
DWAYNE - Male playing age 17yrs, Black/Mixed Race. Good looking. He completes the gang of four friends.
LEAH - Female playing age 17yrs, Black, perhaps a non-obvious beauty with a good soul. She's confident and knows her own mind. Must be able to sing
SHAYANNE - Female playing age 17yrs, Black/Asian/Mixed race. Strong straight talking young lady. No nonsense, and not one to mess with.
GALIS - Male, playing age 25-32. Black/Mixed race. Strikingly good looking, but rough as they come.
TYRONE - Male, playing age 25-32. Black, from Tottenham. Moves smart and calculated. His intelligence sits high above most.
SHOOT: London, between 1st February - 18th March 2019 overall.

Sorry, this audition opportunity has expired

Age Range
17 to 35


African American/Black
Mixed Race

Payment Type
Not stated


Audition created Thursday 15 November 2018
Audition expired 16 November 2018

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