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StarsInMyEyes Privacy Policy

The service is operated by StarsInMyEyes hereinafter referred to as StarsInMyEyes

advertisers shall mean any third party company or individual offering opportunities on the web site

subscriber shall mean any individual that has registered on the web site and holds a current subscription

registered user shall mean any individual that has registered on the web site

profile holder shall mean any subscriber or registered user that has a profile on the web site

agent shall mean any individual or company that has registered on the web site in the capacity of agent

verified agent shall mean any individual or company that has registered on the web site in the capacity of agent and has subsequently been verified by StarsInMyEyes as being a bona fide commercial operation

PCP means Profile Control Panel

Stars In My Eyes is committed to protecting the privacy of its members and we have developed guidelines and procedures designed to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. From time-to-time it may be necessary to modify this policy to reflect further advice that may be published by the Information Commissioner; any such changes will be published on this page without notification.

For information on the Data Protection Act 1998, the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003 and the Information Commissioner please follow this link


  1. We will not provide or sell your details to third parties unless you have specifically confirmed your acceptance via our registration process or any other electronic capture media
  2. StarsInMyEyes dot TV many contact you by email with details of our products, services and promotions
  3. All non-membership related email correspondence (e.g. weekly newsletters, casting updates, etc) will include an unsubscribe option
  4. The email address provided by you as part of your registration process is NOT published on our website; any contact from a third party (e.g. a casting agent) made via your profile will be processed via our own online forms. However we are cannot control the publication of your email address (or other contact information) if you choose to publish this within your personal profile details via your Personal Control Panel (PCP) and cannot be held accountable for any consequences arising thereof.
  5. If you wish your telephone number(s) to be visible and/or available to Verified Agents (agents that have been verified by StarsInMyEyes dot TV as responsible, professional organisations) it will be necessary to specifically authorise this by selecting the appropriate 'check box' on your PCP
  6. StarsInMyEyes dot TV reserve the right to disclose information about member usage and demographics to advertisers and partners but this will only be released as anonymous information and no details of your personal identity will be revealed in connection with the disclosure of such information


Our registration pages and your PCP are displayed on encrypted web pages using an SSL certificate. When viewing these pages you will see the SSL padlock symbol SSL. This enhanced security encrypts all data and the SSL certificate confirms that communication between your browser and secured areas of our website is encrypted.

Whilst our system has safeguards built in to help protect your privacy, these safeguards cannot prevent you from putting sensitive information into information fields on your profile or in your CV and we advise all Profile Holders to exercise caution when adding any form of contact information to their profiles.

In order to protect the privacy of all Registered Users we do provide a contact facility on the web site that enables registered Agents to submit an enquiry to a profile holder - this is done via our internal messaging service and doesn't reveal any personal contact information to the agent. However, VERIFIED Agents (agents that we know are genuine, responsible organisations) would be able to see your telephone number on your profile, but ONLY if you've ticked the box in your control panel to make this available.

If you upload a CV to your profile you must remember that this will be visible to the general public and therefore you should ensure that you do not include any sensitive or personal information such as telephone number(s), email or postal address, NI number, etc

We also recommend that you do NOT include any sensitive information in the 'Experience', 'Personal Profile' or 'Skills' areas of your profile - publishing your telephone number or email address in these areas could lead to unsolicited spam mail or worse.

StarsInMyEyes.TV cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from a profile holder publishing personal and/or confidential and/or sensitive information in publicly viewable fields in their profile.



Information on our users is collected in two ways, via Cookies (see below) and via our registration process.
When you first register it is necessary to provide basic information which comprises :

First Name | Surname | email address | date-of-birth

Once past the initial registration process Registered Users are free to add additional information to their profile specifically designed to provide casting agents, agencies and other professional bodies to easily locate and identify profile holders of interest.

All of this information is stored by us within secure and encrypted database(s)

In order to access certain information on the StarsInMyEyes web site it is necessary for Registered Users to log in and have a current subscription. When log in occurs a cookie is created to recognise the Registered User and his/her access privileges. This would be a non-persistent cookie that is ‘destroyed’ when the browser is closed or when the user clicks on ‘Log Out’.

We also reserve the right to collect &/or modify personal information through any use of enquiry/feedback forms and emails.

This site uses a tool which collects your requests for pages and passes elements of them to search engines to assist them in indexing this site. We control the configuration of the tool and are responsible for any information sent to the search engines.


Information that we collect may be used for statistical analysis such as site usage, demographics, consumer interest and potentially to inform advertisers of ‘click’ activity on their ads. Any information of this nature that we may provide to third parties will be in composite form only and no personally identifiable information would be divulged.

We may periodically send you email updates on StarsInMyEyes dot TV as well as details of any advertising campaigns that we or our associates/advertisers may be running. If you wish to opt out of receiving such information from us, please use the unsubscribe option included in such email correspondence.

"Third party" advertising cookies: you may see advertisements on our web site that are generated by third parties and these may use external cookies to track advertisement activity (e.g. clicks); such cookies cannot be used to personally identify you - they can only be used for statistical purposes.

For audit and safety purposes we monitor communications sent from agents to members.


We will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to third parties unless you have given us your permission. If you have given us your permission we will only share your information with carefully chosen, reputable and trustworthy third parties. We may provide statistics on our customers, traffic and related site information to reputable third-party vendors, but this information would not include any personal information.

StarsInMyEyes dot TV cannot be held responsible for the content or privacy policies of any external web sites to which links may be provided. No personally identifiable information is passed from our web site to external web sites.


All credit/debit card and/or other financial information is processed via an external Internet Payment Gateway, currently Barclays Merchant Services (BMS). Payment processing is handled within a secure environment (you will note the padlock symbol on the bottom right-hand corner of your browser window when you enter the payment process).

StarsInMyEyes do not hold credit card or other financial information within their database nor does this information pass through our web site - it is all handled in a secure environment provided by BMS.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small, numeric text file that is stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. Any information you provide to us is held securely on our web servers and not on your machine.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies make it possible for us to identify Registered Users as they move from one page to another on our web site. Without the use of cookies it would mean you would have to enter your user name and password every time you navigated to a page that was only visible to Registered Users.

To learn more about cookies we suggest you visit


Certain information on any Registered User that has created a profile is visible to anyone visiting the StarsInMyEyes web site. We do not display surnames – Profile Holders are identified by their forename and the first letter of their surname, e.g. John S. Their age is displayed calculated by the date-of-birth stored in our database but their date-of-birth is not displayed. Email addresses are not displayed. Telephone number(s) are only displayed to logged-in Verified Agents and only if approved via the Profile Holder's PCP. An agent achieves verified status when we have satisfied ourselves that they are a professional, established organisation.