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New TV Show Pilot with Stephen Mulherne

Do you have a talent inspired by your favourite TV show? Do you love watching telly?  Are you an expert on your favourite show?   We are making a TV show which is celebrating the nation's love of all things telly.  As part of one of our segments we are doing a showcase of people demonstrating their talents which may have been inspired, in part, by television shows they may have watched!
Audition expires Friday 28 Jan 2022

Participants wanted for luxury holidays TV show

Looking for people who have been on Luxury Holidays that went Horribly Wrong!
Audition expires Monday 31 Jan 2022

Share your Relationship Story and earn up to £1000!

We are a feature writing agency working with top UK titles like Star, Now, and Bella, and are looking for interesting relationship stories to write about.
Audition expires Saturday 31 Dec 2033

Be the star of your favourite magazine! Earn up to £2,000!

We are a professional feature writing agency, working with the top UK magazines and newspaper titles like Bella, Take a Break and the Daily Express.
Audition expires Saturday 01 Jan 2033