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Commercial - urgent casting

Urgent casting for commercial - looking for London or Manchester based teenagers
Audition listing expired Wednesday 14 Aug 2019

Modelling assisgnment - great fee

Looking for various people for photo shoot - great fee of £1,500.00
Audition listing expired Friday 09 Aug 2019

Male basketball players for commercial

Looking for male basketball players for a commercial
Audition listing expired Tuesday 23 Jul 2019

Exciting new TV documentary

Looking for fun families for exciting new TV documentary programme
Audition listing expired Friday 16 Aug 2019

New TV show with Mimi Missfit

Calling all 14 to 15 years olds!
Audition listing expired Wednesday 14 Aug 2019

Transport for London Commercial

London based people wanted for TFL Commercial - Paid - Apply ASAP
Audition listing expired Monday 15 Jul 2019

Charity Commercial

Hero girl aged 10 to 16 years old for a charity commercial
Audition listing expired Friday 19 Jul 2019

Male cyclists for fashion brand photo shoot

Looking for expert male cyclists for well paid shoot
Audition listing expired Monday 15 Jul 2019

Consumer TV series for leading broadcaster

Families and couples wanted for a brand new consumer TV series for a leading UK broadcaster
Audition listing expired Wednesday 31 Jul 2019

New BBC Game Show

Do you have what it takes to make it to the end of a potentially scary game show?!
Audition listing expired Friday 12 Jul 2019