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More Child Performance Licensing
There is quite strict legislation in place regarding child performances and a licence is required from an appropriate local authority.

More Guidance Notes for Applications
We do take care to avoid listing bogus or misleading opportunities on this web site but it is impossible for us to verify the authenticity of every single listing. With this in mind, we have produced some guidelines that you should always bear in mind when applying for auditions.

More How and when to apply!
OK - we all want to follow up every avenue to get to where we want to go, but you do need to be 'sensible' about the types of opportunities you apply for and how you go about it! Here we provide some basic guidelines on what to do and what NOT to do!!

More How much can I earn?
Rates of pay can vary enormously depending on the type of work. You could earn as little as £65 to £75 for a long day's work, up to hundreds perhaps even thousands if the right job came along!

More How to Form your own BOYBAND!
So you wanna be a musician but can't write music? You wanna be a singer but simply can't sing? You wanna be in a band but you are, in fact, rubbish.